Become a homeowner in Switzerland with 10% of own funds

Become a homeowner in Switzerland with 10% of own funds

Instead of spending money on rent, why not become a homeowner by moving into the home of your dreams? Did you think you needed 20% equity? Not necessarily... Discover an alternative solution.

While interest rates are at a historically low level, the requirement of a minimum contribution of 20% of own funds for the granting of a mortgage loan is a big obstacle to the purchase of real estate. 

In partnership with the company, we are removing this barrier and are offering you an alternative acquisition solution to become a homeowner with only 10% of own funds.



How does it work ?

Within the framework of a traditional acquisition, the bank finances the property up to a maximum of 80% of the purchase price. Consequently, the buyer must be able to bring a minimum of 20% of his own funds: half of this contribution can come from the 2nd pillar (LPP), but at least 10% of the personal funds must be composed of liquidities (savings, 3rd pillar, donation...).

With the solution proposed by, the loan from the bank always covers a maximum of 80% of the purchase price, while the buyer uses his assets to cover at least 10% of the property value. The missing part of the equity is provided by qualified Swiss investors.

The buyer then pays monthly charges, composed of the repayment of his mortgage and the repayment of the loan, which depends on the theoretical rental yield of the property, the duration of the contract, the personal situation of the buyer and the investment profile. At the end of the contract period, the equity is built up and the monthly payment is then reduced to the traditional mortgage charges.




For example, a couple earning CHF 200,000 gross per year wishes to purchase a property worth CHF 1,000,000, but has only CHF 100,000 in equity. This couple currently pays a rent of CHF 2'800 and has an average monthly savings capacity of CHF 2'000.

In order to buy a property in the traditional way, this couple would need to have at least CHF 200,000 of personal funds. With their savings capacity, they would have to wait another 4 years before becoming owners. 4 years during which they would still pay their monthly rent of CHF 2'800.

With, their CHF 100'000 of own funds are enough to become owners right now. The mortgage would cost them about CHF 1'444 and the reimbursement to for the additional funds would amount to CHF 791. Thus, they would pay total expenses of CHF 2'235 (monthly payments of the loan + reimbursement to and, at the end of the duration of the contract with, they would have only the CHF 1'444 of the monthly payments of the mortgage to pay back.

This example does not take into account the expenses related to the acquisition, such as the notary fees which can, for different cantons, go up to 5% of the value of the property. The assumption of the notary fees by depends above all on the agreement of the partner bank with which the real estate loan is granted.

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Some of our clients borrow money from their family to complete their own funds and then they pay back little by little. represents a solution for those who do not want to or cannot call upon their relatives, with the advantage of being able to deduct a part of the reimbursement from their taxes.


The advantages of

  • You only need 10% of your own funds to be an owner
  • It does not cost you more than a normal rent
  • You get the title of ownership immediately
  • 50% of your rent is invested in your property
  • Your rent can be partially deducted from your taxes
  • You have access to exclusive offers on the platform



We have established an exclusive partnership with, in order to reduce the distance between you and the property. Would you like to know if you can become a homeowner with this type of financing? Simply make a simulation. You prefer to discuss it directly with a consultant? That's possible too! 


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