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Frequently asked questions

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Resolve is the Fintech leading the revolution in the mortgage broker profession. We operate in French-speaking Switzerland and are here to help you find your mortgage loan.

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Resolve is for anyone looking for a new mortgage loan in Switzerland, for a new buy or to refinance an existing mortgage.

In simple terms, a mortgage broker is a comparator and, primarily, a mortgage loan expert. They contact the various lenders on the market and use their experience to help their clients find the best financing conditions for their real estate projects, including the best mortgage rates.

A mortgage broker can save you time and money. Their job is to offer you the best finance package for your project and manage the bidding process with market lenders for you, using their influence to negotiate favorable conditions.

They are your point of contact, to whom you can ask any questions you may have and they will accompany you for the whole process.

They can also provide advice on tax issues related to your project and on pension issues.

Your buying capacity can vary considerably from one lender to another as they all have different criteria for granting a mortgage loan. This capacity has a direct impact on what you can buy.

Ensuring competition between the various institutions is also a way of getting the best rates (which may vary by as much as 100%) and the best amortization conditions.

The mortgage broker profession is regulated and Resolve is affiliated to FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority, under number 33,709. Our service is also commitment-free so you can stop the process at any time.

We all work with more or less the same lenders. By having brokers compete against each other you take the risk of limiting their negotiating power and ending up with less competitive offers.

The main sign of a good broker is their relationship with lenders. Some brokers only work with one partner lender, which removes the comparison aspect of brokering. Others work with a single lender and will aggressively promote that lender’s offers to the detriment of others, causing conflicts of interest.

Resolve is in contact with all the lenders on the market including some who offer unbelievably low rates but are not among the big banks that everyone knows. We also have special relationships with our partners as we provide them with a lot of business, which gives us access to lower rates than clients who contact them directly.

After analyzing your application, Resolve sends it to all the lenders on the market. The financial institutions come back to Resolve with offers and your advisor can then direct you to the most appropriate solution for your situation, your current project, and your plans for the future.

A bank’s conditions change constantly. Resolve is in contact with banks every day and provides advice on constructing your application and the strategic choices related to your project.

Our services

Our services

Yes, Resolve finances any type of purchase related to real estate.

Yes, we can support you in renewing your loan.

A pension team is available to support you whether or not you have a mortgage loan project with Resolve. Please contact us to discuss this.

The cost of the services provided by Resolve amounts to CHF 800 exclusive of VAT. This covers the costs of analysis and negotiation, as well as the work involved in processing the application.

Please note that if your project, in particular your request for financing, is not ultimately successful for reasons beyond your control, no fee will be charged by Resolve.

Resolve mainly finances real estate projects in Switzerland. However, the Resolve Premium department helps you search for finance for luxury real estate abroad (in France, Monaco, Portugal, and Italy).

In all our years of experience, we have seen thousands of mortgage applications successfully financed, from the very simple to the extremely complex. Be reassured that whatever your situation, if a solution exists we will find it. Please contact us to discuss it!

We work with many lenders in Switzerland to obtain the best possible conditions for you. The rates are part of this but other elements should also be taken into consideration such as amortization strategy and exit conditions. So, take a close look at the details of the offers before making a decision and make sure you discuss them with your advisor.

Yes, Resolve can help businesses find mortgage finance.

During your first steps with Resolve, you will receive a mandate from your advisor. Just sign and return it.

The Resolve mandate sets out the commitments of both parties and allows Resolve to support your search for financing and, later, with the lender you choose.

The Resolve mandate can be terminated according to the conditions indicated therein. In general, and depending on the project, a signed letter from you to Resolve is sufficient to terminate the search mandate.

So we can improve and understand the reason for the termination, we would like to know why you decided to stop working with us.

Your mortgage loan search

Your mortgage loan search

We recommend that you start thinking about it as soon as possible! Start by validating your buying capacity and find out about the intricacies of mortgage loans in Switzerland.

Of course. You can use Resolve to calculate your borrowing capacity and discover your buyer “profile”. This will help you refine your real estate search.

A lot of factors should be considered for your mortgage including your financial situation, the commune in which you wish to buy, taxation, and issues related to pensions. Resolve supports and advises you with these subjects to provide you with the best solution according to your profile and project.

As soon as we have all of the necessary documents, a loan can be obtained very quickly. To avoid stress, we always suggest that you leave one month to organize the loan but we have obtained urgent loans in 48 hours.

The more complete your application, the more time you will save on preparing the application so our advisors can help you find the best conditions for your real estate in record time.

Don’t wait – create your application in a few clicks!

Yes, as long as your financial situation allows it.

There is no age limit for borrowing in Switzerland. That being said, the loan conditions for primary residences become more restrictive after the age of 50: A Loan/Purchase Price ratio of less than 65% is required after retirement age. This means that you need to bring more own funds to the purchase the closer you get to retirement.

Our method and tools

Our method and tools

You can contact us at any stage of your project, whether you are considering buying or have already signed with a notary. However, we recommend that you involve us as early as possible so we can advise you at each step.

First of all, we invite you to simulate your buying capacity and create an account so that you are on our system. Then, an advisor will contact you to help you create your application, structure the financing of your project, search for the best offer, and, finally, deal with the last formalities to release your credit.

A proof of funding is used to prove that your project is in line with your financial situation. It freezes your situation concerning a project at a given time and, therefore, certifies its viability.

By clicking here. Enter the details of your project and your situation to obtain a proof of funding in principle in a few clicks.

You can contact one of our agencies by email (, or phone, or by making an appointment with one of our advisors.

Vaud: (+41) 21 566 19 99 or Book a meeting

Geneva: (+41) 22 566 01 10 or Book a meeting

Valais : (+41) 27 588 03 00 or Book a meeting

Zurich : (+41) 44 505 66 16 or Book a meeting

Our calculator

Our calculator

You can use the Resolve calculator to calculate your borrowing capacity in a few clicks!

Our calculator takes into account all the criteria used by Swiss lenders and then uses machine learning algorithms, in this case the "gradient descending" to find the most accurate purchasing capacity.

It can do up to 1,000 iterations to make sure it has found the maximum amount that corresponds to the granting criteria.

The debt-to-income ratio (or debt ratio) is the ratio between the theoretical costs related to your real estate and your gross income.

Theoretical costs are calculated based on an interest rate of 5% (that varies depending on the lender), theoretical amortization over 15 years, and theoretical costs of 1% of the value of your real estate.

The Resolve buying capacity calculator takes into account the calculation variations of all the lenders – use it to find the most competitive partner.

The loan-to-value ratio is the ratio of your mortgage loan to the value of your real estate.

For example, for real estate worth 500,000 CHF and a mortgage loan of 400,000 CHF, the loan-to-value ratio is 80%.

The monthly payments for a mortgage loan are made up of the total of interest, monthly amortization, and any maintenance fees.

Notary fees represent a percentage of the purchase price and are calculated according to the canton, which establishes its own rules. These fees include transfer tax, land registry registration, and notary fees.

The calculation is quite complicated and we have automated it in our mortgage simulator.

Your personal space

Your personal space

You can create and access it by clicking here

Use your personal space to create your application by entering your information and information about the real estate you wish to purchase, and uploading the documents requested. You can then track the progress of your request with us, create a financing plan, and see the offers that your advisor finds for you.

We need at least your full name, email, and phone number for you to start an application with Resolve.

Once your account is created, we will then ask you for more information about your project, personal and professional circumstances, income, and wealth.

This information is essential for a thorough financial analysis.

The documents required depend on your personal circumstances.

They are related to your personal and professional circumstances and are also used to provide proof of your income, own funds, and guarantees.

Of course! It is, however, preferable to centralize your application in your personal space on the Resolve platform.

In the “Financing Plans” section of your personal space, you can see the offers that your advisor has negotiated for you as soon as they have been entered.

Have you entered the correct email address and password? If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset by clicking on “Forgot your password” on the log-in page ( If the problem persists, please contact your advisor or send an email to

Make sure you check your spam folder, your mailbox may have identified our emails as spam. If you still can’t find our emails in your spam folder, please send an email to You may have entered an incorrect email address when registering.

When you registered, you received an email inviting you to validate your email address and choose a password. If you didn’t receive this email, please send an email to

Contact your advisor directly or send an email to

Resolve is a company regulated by FINMA, which means we are required to ensure that your data is always protected and stored in Switzerland.

Go to your account page ( and click on “Edit my information”. A form will allow you to edit your personal information.

Go to your account page ( and click on “Change password”. A form will allow you to enter a new password.

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