What are the steps of getting a mortgage loan with Resolve?

You can contact us at any stage in your plan, whether you are in the process of considering a real estate purchase or even if you have already signed contracts before a notary. However, we recommend that you involve us as early as possible so that you can benefit from our experience at every stage.

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1. Verification of your buying capacity and preliminary analysis 

  • Exploration of your financial situation
  • Calculation of your buying capacity in accordance with the FINMA rules
  • Determination of the scope of your plan depending on its maturity
  • Presentation of different financing strategies (pledge, amortisation, tax, etc.)

2. Getting a financing agreement

  • Identification of the best partner
  • Preparation of the financing file
  • Research into the best offer

3. Financing study

  • Finalisation of the rates strategy (tranches, terms, etc.)
  • Analysis of pension planning in connection with the mortgage loan
  • Choice of the financing strategy
  • Anticipation of the tax implications

4. Signing of the contract

  • Assistance with all administrative aspects
  • Accompanying you to the notary’s office

Getting help with my mortgage loan

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Our clients are talking about Resolve

I had a lot of confidence in my advisor Ms. Juanola, so I was able to let her manage my entire file because I had clear explanations and she took care of everything: from structuring my financial plan to finding the best rate and the best conditions. Thank you for your help!