What are the steps of getting a mortgage loan with Resolve?

You can contact us at any stage in your plan, whether you are in the process of considering a real estate purchase or even if you have already signed contracts before a notary.

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Verification of your buying capacity and preliminary analysis

1. Verification of your buying capacity and preliminary analysis 

  • Exploration of your financial situation
  • Discovery of your project
  • Calculation of your buying capacity in accordance with the FINMA rules
  • Determination of the scope of your plan depending on its maturity
  • Presentation of different financing strategies (pledge, amortisation, tax, etc.)

Beforehand, you have the option to simulate your online purchasing ability using our tool. Afterwards, an appointment with an advisor will allow you to complete and refine this analysis.

Optimization of your financing

2. Optimization of your financing

  • Optimization of your equity contribution after analysis by our experts
  • Optimization of financing conditions with our banking partners (equity, real estate valuation...)
  • Optimization of interest rate conditions, comparisons and negotiations
  • Tax optimization in the short, medium and long term
Getting a financing agreement

3. Getting a financing agreement

  • Identification of the best partner
  • Preparation of the financing file
  • Research into the best offer
Choosing financing options

4. Choosing financing options

  • Finalisation of the rates strategy (tranches, terms, etc.)
  • Analysis of pension planning in connection with the mortgage loan
  • Choice of the financing strategy
  • Anticipation of the tax implications
Signing of the contract

5. Disbursement support

  • Support for the disbursement of equity funds
  • Assistance with all administrative procedures
  • Accompaniment to the notary's office for contract signing

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