Our culture and values

As a growing company, we’re placing even more importance on maintaining the culture and values that have made us so successful.

Our culture and values

In September 2021, Resolve employed 15 people across two locations, Genève and Lausanne. Today, with the opening of the Valais, Zurich and Jura locations, we have 50 employees and five locations,. And we’re nowhere near finished! New employees continue to join us each month, and additional locations will be opening by the end of the year.

In the midst of all this activity, we haven’t lost sight of the important task of maintaining the company's culture and values.

What is the Resolve culture, and why do we attach so much importance to it?

What is the Resolve culture, and why do we attach so much importance to it?


Corporate cultures have never been more challenged than during Covid, and Resolve didn’t escape this challenge. However, we decided to seize the opportunity, take the lead and go against the grain by creating a new impetus, a new way of working, new codes and a modern approach to coaching. 


We’ve pushed the boundaries, and this makes for a solid foundation for recruitment and retention as well demonstrates how seriously we take our customers. This ever stronger culture also allows us to grow in a healthy way.

Discover our way of working

Fasten your seat belts and discover our way of working


We tried to create something really fresh which allows us take things a step further and develop exceptional talent. We want people to feel good, so we worked iteratively with our teams. Employee volunteers then became points of contact for each of our chosen values. They ensure a thorough understanding of the value and its implementation and can propose actions to bring it to life.

In more specific terms, we have decided to focus on the following seven values that are near and dear to us:

We play, win and lose together. A united team is stronger than a lone superstar.

“For me, it's removing the notion of hierarchy, so we can all pull in the same direction and achieve the goals that benefit the entire team.” Patrick Didi, Mortgage Advisor

Sincere feedback isn’t optional. We take the time to give each other quality feedback, and we’re happy to receive it.

“We give feedback regularly because we want to evolve, adapt and see ourselves progressing at all levels in our everyday lives. Hierarchy isn't important. Feedback is expected in both directions, and even beyond that. Feedback is the breakfast of champions, as a famous author and management expert once said!” Florian Bienefelt, CTO and cofounder

Internally, there should be no surprises. Externally, our lips are sealed.

“Protecting the privacy of our customers has been a matter of course since the beginning. But we have pushed this value even further. At Resolve, each employee has access to all information regarding the life of the company and its strategy. Nothing is off limits. This isn’t always easy to manage, but it allows employees to feel at home.” Daniel Borges, Director, Resolve Vaud

We're always trying new things and learning by making (some) mistakes. This is more important than never taking any new initiatives and never making any mistakes.

“You have to be able to see beyond your daily “to-do” list. At Resolve, we encourage (and even require!) new ideas, suggestions for improvement and knowledge sharing. You need to be able to step out of your comfort zone to make an impact!” Sally Turner, Product Manager

We appreciate hard work, but we value impact even more.

“Having an employer who recognizes results rather than hours worked is very rare, yet very valuable. Being able to manage my time as I wish is a vote of confidence, and this pushes me to invest myself in the company and continually excel.” Elise Juanola, Mortgage Advisor

We remain focused on addressing and solving problems in order to move forward effectively.

“This means we don’t beat around the bush, overthink or procrastinate before taking action. We take things in hand and accomplish them, step by step.” Corentin Huard, CPO

We demonstrate empathy. We listen. We focus on developing exceptional human beings, and we truly care about the well-being of our employees.

“For a FinTech, this value may come as a surprise, but when employees are comfortable and feel valued, they enjoy themselves and are willing to put in the time. At Resolve, we take care of the well-being of our employees through coaching, sincere and constructive feedback and a positive atmosphere that makes employees want to come to work without the feeling of being under constant control. Management listens, and our success will continue due to the well-being of our employees.” 

Angèle Munsif, Mortgage Advisor

Maintaining our culture and passing on our values to newcomers is what allows us to continue to grow without losing sight of what makes us unique in addition to the value we add.

For us, culture is what distinguishes a strong team cohesion with individuals who support and continuously improve ourselves from a simple grouping of talented employees.

Romain Dequesne

CEO of Resolve