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Our platform

A completely custom-developed digital tool facilitates accurate, real-time monitoring of all steps of a promotion. We have created a digital platform which centralises all information.

The promoter can sign in and track the project’s progress, the reservation of lots and the progression of financing files (agreement in principle, provision of documents required by the bank, reservation agreement, deposit payment, etc.). Comments can be added online. Brokers and buyers also have the option of accessing this digital interface – subject to certain restrictions – and consulting the data that is useful to them.

Our commitment

During the course of a promotion, the actors all have to deal with various interlocutors multiple times throughout the project.

Our role consists of supporting the various actors in all of these steps: like the conductor of an orchestra, we coordinate the exchanges and make each step more efficient, enabling the project to come together with complete peace of mind.

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Our support

Thanks to our advisors’ expertise, we are able to find the optimal financing options for the promotion, both for the plot and for construction. The special contacts we maintain with financial establishments facilitate and speed up the approval processes. We minimise the personal funds to be invested and the number of pre-sales required to launch the project.

Our difference

We offer you comprehensive support for all aspects of your project.

Allow Resolve to support you in your strategic choices and in identifying the best banking partner. Manage potential buyers and monitor the progression of their loan applications entirely online. Entrust qualification and the search for financing for potential buyers to Resolve.

The Resolve method

Resolve uses its wealth of experience to advise marketing teams on the choice of strategy to be implemented between property share or turnkey.

Resolve gets the best conditions by validating the sale price, minimising the personal funds to be invested and the number of pre-sales required to launch the project.

Resolve screens potential buyers by providing confirmation to those who are able to obtain the required financing, and then supports them in the realisation of their plan.

Resolve provides an online platform for the various actors in the promotion so that they can track the progress of potential buyers in the reservation of lots.

Your benefits

Offer your customers our expertise to answer their questions when it comes to financing and take advantage of the numerous benefits of our online platform for monitoring your projects.

We screen potential buyers by verifying their creditworthiness.

All information is consolidated in our interface. We have contacts with all of the local lenders.

Our advisors’ expertise is placed at your customers’ disposal.

Monitor your customers’ progress in real time online or with an advisor.

The benefits for your customers

  • Support for all types of plans
  • Comprehensive analysis which determines the tax impact of an acquisition for the best preparation for retirement
  • Information stored securely online, accessible at any time
  • Continuous monitoring of the progression of financing with notifications at every stage
  • Quick and free identification of the borrowing capacity
  • Get a loan twice as quickly as with a bank
  • Save a considerable amount of time with regard to administrative procedures
  • Preferential conditions on rates thanks to the scope of our network
  • Simple and understandable language in the jungle of mortgage credit

What people say about Resolve

Being able to view data at any time in just a few clicks saves me a lot of time in my working day.

Jordan Dixon

Real Estate Broker

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