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Our mission

Our mission

We know that you are not just looking for a mortgage: you want to carry out a real estate project, often the project of a lifetime. Our mission is to make the process of obtaining your financing simple, fast and holistic.

To do this, we are revolutionizing the Swiss mortgage financing market: we are developing an online platform that we combine with the expertise of our specialists to help you accomplish your dream.


Buying an apartment or a house is a wonderful project, but for many it is a very complicated equation that raises many questions. We are here to help you solve it and answer all your questions so that you can make the best decisions regarding all aspects of financing... in complete serenity!

Our advice allows you to approach the question of financing from a different angle: stop seeing the mortgage as a necessary evil, and consider it as a financial opportunity and a security for the future.

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Our experts in mortgage financing, pension planning and real estate fiscality will support you from the beginning to the end of your projects. They analyze all the temporal implications of a real estate purchase to help you optimize your fiscality in the long term and secure your future.

Resolve assists private clients for the financing of their primary or secondary residence or for investment properties, as well as real estate professionals.

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Lydia Abraha
Mortgage Advisor (GE)
Thomas Bailly
Mortgage Advisor (VD)
Sandra Barrile
Team Lead Lausanne
Badr Berbar
Mortgage Advisor (GE)
Florian Bienefelt
Daniel Borges
Mortgage Lead – Vaud
Christophe Borrel
Development & Promotions Director
Sébastien Brutinot
Mortgage Advisor (GE)
Thomas Calfelis
IT Manager
David Conde
Mortgage Advisor (VD)
Michèle Couraudon-Graf
Senior Premium Credit Advisor
Eglantine Danet
Operations Specialist
Pauline Da-Re
Insurance & Pension planning Advisor (GE)
Rafael Da Silva
Mortgage Advisor (VD)
Romain Dequesne
Yannis Eggert
Senior Premium Credit Advisor
Quentin Herzig
Senior Software Engineer
Corentin Huard
Elise Juanola
Mortgage Advisor (GE)
Natalia Kita
Executive Assistant
Fabrice Lanz