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Resolve puts all the lenders on the market in competition with each other to obtain the best rate and the best conditions for your mortgage financing.

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* The displayed Saron value comprises the current Saron overnight rate and the specific margin Resolve has negotiated with its lending partners for the benefit of its clients.

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Resolve is in contact with all the lenders on the market including some who offer unbelievably low rates but are not among the big banks that everyone knows. We also have special relationships with our partners as we provide them with a lot of business, which gives us access to lower rates than clients who contact them directly.

We work with many lenders in Switzerland to obtain the best possible conditions for you. The rates are part of this but other elements should also be taken into consideration such as amortization strategy and exit conditions. So, take a close look at the details of the offers before making a decision and make sure you discuss them with your advisor.

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