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Our calculator takes into account all the criteria used by Swiss lenders and then uses machine learning algorithms, in this case the "gradient descending" to find the most accurate purchasing capacity.

It can do up to 1,000 iterations to make sure it has found the maximum amount that corresponds to the granting criteria.

The debt-to-income ratio (or debt ratio) is the ratio between the theoretical costs related to your real estate and your gross income.

Theoretical costs are calculated based on an interest rate of 5% (that varies depending on the lender), theoretical amortization over 15 years, and theoretical costs of 1% of the value of your real estate.

The Resolve buying capacity calculator takes into account the calculation variations of all the lenders – use it to find the most competitive partner.

The loan-to-value ratio is the ratio of your mortgage loan to the value of your real estate.

For example, for real estate worth 500,000 CHF and a mortgage loan of 400,000 CHF, the loan-to-value ratio is 80%.

The monthly payments for a mortgage loan are made up of the total of interest, monthly amortization, and any maintenance fees.

Notary fees represent a percentage of the purchase price and are calculated according to the canton, which establishes its own rules. These fees include transfer tax, land registry registration, and notary fees.

The calculation is quite complicated and we have automated it in our mortgage simulator.

A proof of funding is used to prove that your project is in line with your financial situation. It freezes your situation concerning a project at a given time and, therefore, certifies its viability.

By clicking here. Enter the details of your project and your situation to obtain a proof of funding in principle in a few clicks.

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