Resolve stands out from the crowd with a revolutionary marketing campaign at the Jumping de Sion show jumping event

Resolve stands out from the crowd with a revolutionary marketing campaign at the Jumping de Sion show jumping event

Resolve is strengthening its presence in Valais and organising a revolutionary marketing campaign at Jumping de Sion. Interview with Yann Rideau, Director of Resolve Valais.

Who are you and why did you join the Resolve project?

(Y. R.)

I spent 8 years working in mortgage financing and pension planning for a major insurance company. I was also responsible for tax and inheritance optimisation for private and business clients. 

Human contact has always been my passion and Resolve’s values immediately won me over. The company is only 4 years old and it already has 8 branches across Switzerland. Its headcount tripled in 2022. I wanted to be a part of this incredible growth! 

My aim as Director of Valais is for Resolve to become a landmark name in the region for financing real-estate projects and general advice. To make this happen, I have formed a team of dynamic specialists who help our clients at every stage of their life. Responsiveness, analytical ability and providing advice are our priorities.


Tell us about your services. When do people contact you?

(Y. R.)

We are known mainly for our mortgage financing advice, which goes beyond merely finding the best rate, but our skills portfolio is much broader than that. 

We help our clients implement solutions before they take out a mortgage loan, to guarantee them a stress-free future. To this end, our advice encompasses the tax aspects associated with the transaction as well as pension planning and financial planning more generally. Buying real-estate is a long-term commitment. However, life is full of changes, such a new financial situation, divorce, retirement, an inheritance, and so on, or simply renewals, such as mortgage loan renewals. Our role is to ensure our clients’ projects survive over time, taking account of their situation, their interests and their obligations, at every stage of their life.

Why did you come to Valais?

(Y. R.)

I didn’t come here – I was already here!

As for Resolve setting up in the region, what initially seemed a bit of a crazy idea proved to be the logical choice. No other canton is as suitable for Resolve as Valais. It is the 7th- or 8th-largest market in Switzerland, was boosted even further by Covid and has a very interesting array of offers, featuring resorts, premium properties and numerous developers. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, just like us! The market has been neglected by our competitors, who wanted to do business without setting up shop here. Every discussion we have with a client or a partner confirms that we made the right decision.

What is this revolutionary marketing campaign and how did you get the idea for it?

(Y. R.)

Closeness, whether to our clients or to our partners, is very important to us. In the same vein, we want to get involved in local events and lend our support to the entrepreneurs in the region. 

Jumping de Sion is an exceptional event and we didn’t want to confine ourselves to merely sponsoring it: we wanted to stand out, with a dash of humour, to talk about our services in a different way than in a flyer. We therefore had the idea of offering the holders of VIP parking access a free wash of their vehicle. That way, we showed that although it’s easy to wash your car yourself, the result is rarely as good as when it’s done by a professional. And it’s less tiring! The same applies to getting a mortgage loan. This campaign gave us the opportunity to strike up discussions with our partners.

How are you different from banks?

(Y. R.)

When clients make use of our services, they are not going behind their bank’s back. We work hand-in-hand with banks and make sure everyone’s interests coincide, by finding the most suitable service providers at the relevant moment – the providers whose financing conditions suit the situation and the client’s needs the best.

We orchestrate every stage and all the discussions, to make things easier for our clients. We also take care of all the administrative formalities. At the same time, we break down all the financial jargon and take the time to answer any questions our clients may have. That way, they hold all the cards in terms of making the best decisions about their finances. 

All these steps can of course be taken by the client directly, but that would be more complicated, longer and more tedious. Just like washing your car...

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