7 good resolutions to (finally) become a homeowner in 2022

Becoming an owner

Do you dream of owning your own home? And you want to make it happen this year? Here, we share a few good resolutions to take you closer to your goal.

This year, you’ve decided. You’re going to do it! If becoming a homeowner is really what you wish for, lay it all out: establish your objective and then determine the various steps to get there. 

It’s true: buying a property is a big project, often the challenge of a lifetime, and it can’t be done from one day to the next. By splitting up your project into several steps, you can move forward more quickly without being discouraged by the sheer scale of the task. It will also give you a more precise vision of what you will be faced with, and you will be better prepared.

Here are the 7 good resolutions which will allow you to progress your aims with ease, step by step.

1. Determine what’s achievable

If you know that you want to buy a flat or a house, that’s great. Now you need to see whether you can do it. 

Do you have the necessary own funds, and are you earning enough money? To find this out, you simply have to do the calculation on our online platform. With just a few clicks, you will know if you can get your project started now, or if you need to save a bit more. Find out more about the calculation.

If you don’t get the result that you were expecting, please don’t be discouraged. Perhaps you haven’t thought about all the eventualities which make up your own funds. There are also alternative financing solutions which allow you to add to your own funds. 

To find out precisely what you can achieve, please feel free to call one of our advisors who will be able to point out all your options.

2. Define what you want

Thanks to the calculation in the first step, you now know what you can allow yourself to purchase. Now it’s up to you to define the essential criteria.

What things are indispensable for you? Are these things compatible with your budget? As examples, here are some of the questions that you can start by asking yourself:

  • New or old building? 
  • House or flat? 
  • Urban or rural? 
  • Region?
  • Space?

Other questions will of course depend on your feelings and your needs, or may depend on your situation, such as proximity to a school or public transport. 

It may perhaps be difficult to find somewhere that corresponds exactly to all of your criteria, so define your priorities and try to limit your non-negotiable points.

3. Optimise your time

You know what you want, all that’s left to do is find that rare pearl and this may take some time, unfortunately. 

How to organise your research? To optimise this approach, make use of several channels at the same time.

Specialist websites

Subscribe to alerts from property websites. All you have to do is select your search criteria once (on each of the sites), then configure an alert. Not only will this save you time, but you will also be informed if such an occasion arises.

Social networks

There are specific groups on the social networks where property ads are shared directly. Join this type of group to expand the scope of your search.

Your personal network

Don’t neglect your acquaintances – even the acquaintances of your acquaintances! Make use of your personal network – everyone can keep an eye out and let you know if they spot an opportunity.

Real estate broker

Find a real estate broker in the region you have chosen, and let them know what you need. They may be able to show you exclusive offers which match your criteria, and prevent you from wasting time viewing the wrong properties.

4. Surround yourself with good people

In theory, you know the various approaches for the undertaking, but in practice, it is sometimes difficult to know how to proceed and where to start.

Who should you approach? Whether it applies to searching for your property or to financing it, surrounding yourself with good people will allow you to be more effective. 

By contacting specialists, you will gain access to the right tools, the right contacts, and you will save time. For example, our online platform will allow you to complete your profile in just a few minutes, so that we can identify which lenders best correspond to your financing criteria. What’s more, thanks to our close relationships with partners, we can support you in negotiating your mortgage rates, in arguing the case for a greater amount of financing than the norm.

5. Anticipate the steps

Paperwork is rarely the most pleasant part of any project, but unfortunately it’s an essential step, so you should start to tackle this as soon as possible.

How to prepare yourself? Always be one step ahead so that you don’t let anything pass you by. Familiarise yourself with the various deadlines, because certain processes, such as the withdrawal of your LPP, may require some time.

To start, download your mortgage certificate. Based on the calculation of your borrowing capacity, this document constitutes proof that you are in a position to meet the costs of financing the property you are interested in. This allows you to move quickly in the event that you fall in love with a property during a viewing.

Prepare your loan application as soon as you can by gathering together the maximum of necessary documents to set up your mortgage loan. You will avoid the stress of having to scramble for the missing documents at the last minute.

6. Analyse your different choices

You are surrounded by the right people and well prepared, all you need to do now is choose where to get financing for your property.

What criteria should you base this on? The mortgage rate is not the most important element. Depending on your situation, other criteria may turn out to be more interesting to take into account and this is why it might be difficult to analyse different financing offers.

You need to have an eye on the big picture and consider the impacts on various levels, such as the impact on the monthly expenses or the impact on tax. At that time, the advice of knowledgeable professionals who have a good understanding of the various actors on the market while maintaining a neutral vision may prove to be valuable. They know how to decode the offers, allowing you to make an informed decision. Find out more

7. Think about your future

Becoming a homeowner will have an impact on various aspects of your current and future life, notably in terms of your amortisation method. Benefit from this to define the best global mortgage strategy and optimise your financing with a (very) long-term vision.

By following these 7 resolutions, you are giving yourself a head start against other potential buyers! Many of these points can be done online, directly by you, but nothing beats personalised advice tailored to your situation. 

The real estate and the financing are the very particular areas where you must know how to play by rules which are always changing. Our advisors are available to help you see more clearly and clarify all aspects linked to a new purchase in Switzerland.

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