Are you thinking about buying a house or an apartment?

Are you thinking about buying a house or an apartment?

Do you want to become a homeowner and are you starting to plan your real estate purchase? One of the first questions that arises is what type of property do you want to purchase: a house or an apartment? If you're still not sure, here are a few ideas to help you see things more clearly.

You don't necessarily have to decide right away, but the search for the ideal home can take a long time, and the more clearly you define your criteria, the less time you'll waste visiting properties that don’t meet your requirements.

Selection criteria

The choice between a house or an apartment depends on the criteria that are most important to you, your current situation and your plans for the future.

This choice also depends on your purchase budget. Depending on the equity you have available and your borrowing capacity, you will be able to determine a maximum amount for your real estate purchase. This will allow you to focus your search on housing that you can afford.

Make the calculation online

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