Financial planning: optimise your assets

Get a clear and complete view of your financial situation in order to be able to make your life choices with peace of mind.

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What is financial planning?

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is a financial check-up. It includes one or more projections with regard to assets in the medium or long term, taking speculations and projects into consideration.

It is a neutral decision-making tool which gives a clear and precise vision of your current and future assets.

Financial planning?

This global approach to assets encompasses asset considerations, of course, but also covers tax, inheritance and pension planning aspects. It also provides clarity and helps you to make your choices calmly.

The planner is able provide an unbiased opinion on the situation, in a neutral and independent manner, present the topic in simple terms, bring a critical and constructive approach and, ultimately, suggest solutions which clients may not have thought of.

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The various aspects analysed

Real estate is one of the most substantial asset values and a real estate purchase has many more implications than people imagine when it comes to inheritance or tax. Our asset analysis takes all of these impacts into consideration in good time to allow you to optimally adjust your strategy.

The FOPH statistics talk about around CHF 300,000 per family optimised over 10 years. We give you the key to understanding taxation systems, as well as to choosing solutions which allow you to save on tax while pursuing your life plans.

Early retirement or partial retirement? Pension or capital? What are the implications of this choice, whether in terms of tax or management? Retirement planning raises a lot of questions which we answer in order to help to you make the best decisions.

How should you use your capital? How much should you invest? What types of investment should you choose? These sorts of questions have different answers depending on your specific situation and your plans. We offer you a complete and neutral overview of your financial situation in order to allow you to envisage the best solutions and their impacts.

To what extent does the inheritance law reform affect you? What measures should you put in place to protect your loved ones and ensure that your wishes will be respected? We explain the various possibilities to you so that you can tackle the question of your inheritance with complete peace of mind.

What matrimonial property regime should you choose? Is a marital agreement needed? What happens when a couple gets divorced? It is important to consider all possible outcomes in order to make the most appropriate choices and benefit fully from life as a couple.

Every stage of life is different and being able to adjust your budget is important. We give you the key to the best possible management of your current income and expenses without losing sight of your plans so that your future budget does not become a worry.

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