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Your questions about the mortgage financing broker job

In simple terms, a mortgage broker is a comparator and, primarily, a mortgage loan expert. They contact the various lenders on the market and use their experience to help their clients find the best financing conditions for their real estate projects, including the best mortgage rates.

A mortgage broker can save you time and money. Their job is to offer you the best finance package for your project and manage the bidding process with market lenders for you, using their influence to negotiate favorable conditions.

They are your point of contact, to whom you can ask any questions you may have and they will accompany you for the whole process.

They can also provide advice on tax issues related to your project and on pension issues.

Your buying capacity can vary considerably from one lender to another as they all have different criteria for granting a mortgage loan. This capacity has a direct impact on what you can buy.

Ensuring competition between the various institutions is also a way of getting the best rates (which may vary by as much as 100%) and the best amortization conditions.

The main sign of a good broker is their relationship with lenders. Some brokers only work with one partner lender, which removes the comparison aspect of brokering. Others work with a single lender and will aggressively promote that lender’s offers to the detriment of others, causing conflicts of interest.

After analyzing your application, Resolve sends it to all the lenders on the market. The financial institutions come back to Resolve with offers and your advisor can then direct you to the most appropriate solution for your situation, your current project, and your plans for the future.

A bank’s conditions change constantly. Resolve is in contact with banks every day and provides advice on constructing your application and the strategic choices related to your project.

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