Resolve Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The Resolve referral program is not longer active as of 13/05/2022

1. What is the Resolve referral program?

The Resolve referral program was established to encourage and reward the promotion of our services to our customers' friends and family.

Referrers can refer a new customer and receive a reward if the referral is successful, i.e. if the referred customer's mortgage financing application goes through with Resolve.

2. Who can benefit from the Resolve referral program?

The Resolve referral program is no longer open.

The Resolve referral program was open to all individual users registered with Resolve, regardless of the status and progress of their own financing application, with the exceptions listed in point 6.

To register, please go to

3. How do I sponsor a relative?

The referral space will be deactivated on the week of the 16 of May 2022. For every referral made before, please reach out to your advisor to have informaiton.

By inviting a customer to Resolve, the Referrer acknowledges that he/she has received permission from the Referred Party to transmit his/her contact information to Resolve.

4. What is the reward for sponsorship?

There is no reward for referrals that happened after 13/05/2022

For each successful sponsorship, if the account was created before 13/05/2022 the sponsor will be entitled to a reward of CHF 1'000 by bank transfer.

A referral is considered successful if the referred party obtains and signs their mortgage through Resolve.

Resolve has the right to change the amount and structure of the reward at any time. In the event of success, the Referrer will receive the reward applicable at the time of the Referrer's invitation.

5. How is the award paid?

Once a referral is successful, the referrer will be contacted by Resolve to provide their banking information.

The sponsor will have access to the list of his or her sponsored individuals and the status of their funding applications. This will allow him/her to stay informed of successful sponsorships.

6. What are the limits of using the sponsorship program?

The Resolve referral program may only be used in good faith and for lawful purposes.

For your information, here is a non-exhaustive list of limitations of use:

  • It is forbidden to create several accounts to invite yourself;
  • It is forbidden to invite other people who have created duplicate accounts;
  • It is forbidden to use alternative contact information for oneself or for others;
  • It is forbidden to sponsor another borrower on a joint project;
  • It is forbidden to sponsor your own business;
  • It is forbidden to sponsor a fictitious person;
  • It is prohibited to use the Resolve referral program to send unwanted or unauthorized promotional materials (spam);
  • Abuse of the Resolve referral program by inviting customers en masse is prohibited;
  • It is not possible to sponsor an existing Resolve customer;
  • The referral program does not apply to accounts created before June 1st 2021;
  • Real estate professionals who already have a collaboration agreement with Resolve cannot participate in the referral program.
  • The account must have been created before 13/05/2022

7. Protection of personal data

The Resolve referral program is designed to allow existing customers to recommend our services to their friends and family, and to link referrers and referrals to reward referrers for success.

Under no circumstances will the Sponsor have access to the Sponsored's personal, financial or property data. Nor will he/she have access to information relating to the Sponsored's real estate project or to his/her mortgage application.

The only information transmitted by Resolve to the sponsor concerns the progress of the project and its eventual completion, according to the following four statuses:

  • Ongoing : the application is moving on
  • Blocked : the application cannot progress for now
  • Unsuccessful : the application will never be completed
  • Finalized : the mortgage loan was obtained, your sponsorship is considered as a success

8. Non-compliance with the general conditions

Resolve may refuse to pay the referral reward to the Referrer if the Referrer fails to comply with the Program Terms and Conditions.

In addition, Resolve has the right, if it deems such action appropriate, to terminate the Referrer's account, close the Referred Friend's account, or suspend the Referral Program.

Last update: 13/05/2022

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