The best technology and people for turning your mortgage loan into an opportunity

The best technology and people for turning your mortgage loan into an opportunity

Resolve combines the capabilities of technology with the professional expertise of its advisors to offer the best experience and most relevant financial choices to its customers.

In just a few clicks, a future buyer can calculate their buying capacity, assess their solvency and forecast the feasibility of their project. Welcome to the digital ecosystem that has been developed by Resolve over the last 4 years. What does it promise its customers? It offers them a personal space in which they can compile a loan application, view the choices of financial strategy that have been put in place, and track the progress of their project until the contracts are signed. Above all else, this technological aspect helps to ensure the best customer experience, and is combined with the high-quality advice provided by the financial experts of the Swiss scale-up firm.

Hybrid advice: the DNA of Resolve

The Resolve platform enables its customers to pretty much develop on an independent basis. They can fill out all the personal information requested by the financial institutions and collate the necessary supporting documents in one place on a secure basis. They can also create their own financing packages and adjust the loan-to-value ratio or the amount of their personal funds that they wish to use. The algorithms developed by Resolve complete the necessary automated calculations (notary fees, possible expenses, FINMA ratios).

However, the technology is not self-reliant. It has ultimately been used by the advisors who, in turn, act on behalf of their customers. It is certainly the case that a real estate project can create stress: the mortgage market is subject to changes and can be opaque. Several strategic choices have to be made, and in many cases, quickly. Should you wait for a better economic climate? What is a good interest rate?  How can you make use of your 2nd pillar?  What type of amortization should you choose? What will the tax implications be for you? What will happen in the event of resale? What should you do if your life situation changes? The advisors at Resolve are there to ensure that their customers are completely in the know, and to help them make the best decisions. The educational side of their work is as important as the quality of their advice. Reference is often made to their responsiveness, as it is the key to supporting customers at every stage of their project and to relieving their stress.

The dealings with the financial partners and all the follow-up work which culminates in the signing of the loan agreement and its disbursement are also managed by the advisors, supported by digital technology.

Harnessing technology for high-quality advice

Resolve is developing an in-house platform that has the goal of automating and simplifying specific processes to ensure that its advisors have the maximum time and freedom to do what they do the best: provide advice. This means understanding the personal situation of the customer as a whole and presenting them with solutions in the interests of optimising their current financing – but also ensuring that their future position is secure. The advisors have all the necessary tools for being able to offer personalised advice, and if this is not the case, they can request improvements directly from the developers who are based in Geneva. This means that technology is developing further all the time, and, in particular, according to the needs of its users.

A platform for real estate professionals

The Resolve technology also simplifies the work of real estate professionals, such as promoters and brokers. They have real-time, centralised access to the progress of their customers’ projects and loan application. Once again, the goal is to free up more time for value-added tasks. And it also allows the advisors at Resolve to work with their partners on a transparent basis and to establish a relationship of trust. 

Once again, technology is being used to help people. The right balance between the two means that the best possible experience can be offered to customers and partners alike.

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