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Resolve Nyon

Resolve Vaud has been in existence for nearly 2 years now. It opened in Flon at the beginning of the year, and is now a 10-person team experiencing rapid growth. Daniel Borges, the manager, talked with us about a new branch that will be opening.

Daniel, why are you opening a new branch? It seems to go against current trends.

Despite all the new technology and tools we're developing, our vision is to provide human-centered support. That's why we want to maintain close proximity to our clients. That's what inspired us to open a new agency in Nyon. Getting closer to our clients in the region is important to us.

The success of the Lausanne agency is what made it possible for you to open this new branch. What's the secret of that success?

There's no secret! Just a lot of hard work. 

What has made us successful is implementing a methodology in which human interaction is truly important. Our advisors are really there for our clients, at every key moment. They go to the bank with our clients, to the notary... The proof is that I see them at the office less and less often! 

What people like about working with us is having someone there to listen to them and help them, almost like a coach. They can ask us any questions they have, there's no judgement. We try and answer every single question, even taking the time to research and dig up more information if necessary. It makes a real difference.

Your team has grown quickly in a short amount of time. How did that happen?

All of us on the team have different backgrounds and personalities, but we've really succeeded in becoming a cohesive group. Everyone likes working together, and we're always helping each other out with various issues. It's a really enjoyable atmosphere, every day. 

What we do truly is teamwork. Some of our advisors can handle both mortgages and pension questions, but we also have Dario Santangelo who is a pension plan specialist and can jump in very quickly. So our clients are supported by specialists in a variety of complementary domains, which they really appreciate according to the feedback we receive.

I couldn't be more grateful to have worked with T. Bailly and D. Santangelo. Both of them were there for us from day one, guiding us through what is probably one of life's most stressful experiences. They answered all our questions about the mortgage process with fast, detailed explanations. They were always available, every time we needed more details about the mortgage process. I think my wife and I were really lucky to be assisted with such a high level of professionalism, and we couldn't be happier that we chose to get our mortgage through Resolve!
– Valters, Resolve client

Has the move to Flon accelerated things? 

Definitely! And we're lucky to have found wonderful premises that people enjoy coming to. We even have banks that prefer to come to us, instead of the other way around, which creates a really nice dynamic for us.

Are you planning to do the same thing in Nyon?

Exactly! We're hoping to find a strategic location at the heart of the city, near the banks.

Are your partners satisfied, specifically the real estate brokers?

Right now we're setting up several new partnerships with real estate brokers, and providing training to help them use our systems better. 

I think it's the synergy we've created that's made us successful, but that success isn't only ours. We have so many partners that depend on us, specifically real estate brokers that really appreciate our responsiveness. It's the incredible system implemented by our developers that allows us to be so responsive. 

I think we've found the right balance between technology and human contact.

At Resolve, human values are respected, and the management is friendly and top-quality. Team spirit is everything!
– Jacques Mazzola, Resolve Vaud employee
Our strength is that we all have different backgrounds, but we help each other out every single day. We've built a cohesive team, with real connections, that's practically a family. We respect each other, we communicate, we talk things over. We're all in this together, and our team lead is in pole position to guide us and give us the energy we need to meet our goals. We're fighting for the team, not for ourselves as individuals!
– Rafael Da Silva, Resolve Vaud employee
There's lots of communication and sharing of experiences, so that we can all grow and improve. We're very cohesive, and we have great team spirit despite the fact that compensation in our field usually pushes people to be more individualistic. Our manager is always available, and ready to listen to us. I'm so proud to be part of this dream team!
– Sandra Barrile, Resolve Vaud employee
Lots of sharing of experiences, which we strive to take full advantage of for our clients' benefit. The delegation of specialties (financing, pensions, premiums), so we can provide our clients with fast, accurate answers. A cohesive team, always ready to work together to meet our goals (team goals > individual goals). Lots of feedback. There's a great team atmosphere in the office, and we go out together to celebrate our successes!
– Thomas Bailly, Resolve Vaud employee
Human first: a team that works together with a positive mindset, which encourages us to discuss everything and help each other out. An atmosphere that makes you want to go to work, even on Monday mornings, and even spend time together outside the office. A variety of specialized skills to give our clients the best support possible. Dynamic business development that's shared by the entire agency.
– Dario Santangelo, Resolve Vaud employee
A team with excellent team spirit, and a great working atmosphere. Helping clients and real estate market players, with the goal of making it easier to buy property. Enjoying premises worthy of a top-notch start-up and workplace flexibility while staying focused on our clients and getting results has made us a successful team that enjoys working together.
– Erol Maillard, Resolve Vaud employee
The team is really cohesive, everyone helps each other out naturally and with kindness. We can really count on each other, which is great. I think I can say that we all feel included and comfortable coming to work in these pleasant conditions.
– Eglantine Danet, Resolve Vaud employee
I have to agree with what all my colleagues have said: the working atmosphere is terrific, it really makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. There's real team spirit, with Daniel leading us...  In other words, we feel like a little family!! The company values reflect my personal values completely, which really motivates me!! Also, the process set up with the pension team makes us even more effective and efficient for our clients. As for the premises, whether it's their location in the center of Lausanne or their layout, they allow us to meet with our clients in a pleasant, welcoming environment!!
– David Conde, Resolve Vaud employee
The team onboarding process is really admirable. Human values and kindness are prioritized every day, completely respected, and they support our “Human First” value. A healthy atmosphere reigns. It pushes us to work hard without taking ourselves too seriously.
– Nicolas Lecomte, new Resolve Vaud employee

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