Digital mortgage financing

Digital mortgage financing

The e-Potek platform centralizes information in one place and creates a clear framework for the application process

In the era of online banking and the move to digital, the process of obtaining mortgage credit lags behind in terms of digitalization. There are several reasons for this. But one thing is obvious straight away, loans are rarely granted according to a set pattern. Each lender has different standards and criteria. Applications granted by some are not necessarily accepted by others.

For the borrower, the complexity of the current regulations can result in a long, opaque bureaucratic process. In the mortgage jungle, comparing the conditions of each lender and getting independent advice is often an uphill struggle.

When buying a primary residence, for example, a new law imposed by the FINMA stipulates that at least 10% of the own funds required must come from a source other than the second pillar. To this requirement is added the challenge of accurately identifying the amount of real estate transaction fees (notary fees) that must be added to this 10%. Other rules, however, do not come from the FINMA. Financial institutions have simply identified the risk of a mortgage loan in the same way but regularly make exceptions in certain conditions. This is the case for the 33% limit to the debt-to-income ratio.

Identifying, contacting, and then comparing different lenders, therefore, can be a real gamble and the borrower may up settling for the nearest the financial institution, which reassures them that they have received an excellent offer.

To find an alternative, the borrower needs a tool that lists all of the lenders’ rules and exceptions. That is what we have created at e-Potek. Our secure digital platform lets us produce a precise financing plan that includes all the costs involved. It lists all the lenders and their rules for granting credit. This means that the institutions that can best meet the needs of everyone can be quickly identified.

However, we quickly understood that a fully digital service would not provide the flexibility needed for taking all the profiles and unique needs of each client into consideration. Our online platform is there to support both our clients and advisors. It adds depth, transparency, and comfort to the process without sacrificing our ability to provide genuine tailor-made solutions. It is a support tool for better accompanying each client without losing track of different projects.

Thanks to the innovative method developed by e-Potek, the mortgage market is finally entering the digital era. By revolutionizing the experience of buying and selling real estate, e-Potek allows borrowers to easily find their way through the mortgage jungle. And all the actors on the market profit from this advance.

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